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Travel Information

- Official Tourism Agency


Flight and room reservations for the Conference Hotel and other selected hotels in the vicinity will be made through the Apoiotur link. A list of Alternative boarding options are provided herein, and contacts and reservations for them must be made privately at the delegate's own responsability.



Site: http://www.apoiotur.com.br/

Phone: +55 83 2106-5000

Email: eventos1@apoiotur.com.br/ eventos@apoiotur.com.br


- Travel Funding Opportunities


We want you to participate in SI 2018!

To this end, we will offer 10 travel grants and / or registration fee waivers for students from foreign and developing countries. When you register, check the "Travel Funding Request" option and send the required material.

You can submit your work without the compulsory application fee. If your work is not approved, you can pay the fee later.


AES members can also apply for a scholarship to attend the event. Visit: http://elasmo.org/sac-student-funding to find out more.


SBEEL / SQUALUS will provide a 30-minute presentation and reimbursement of enrollment to two students who will submit a symposium on "South American Chondrichthyans" and "Shark Attack and It's Mitigation". Abstracts should be submitted until February 28th, indicating the corresponding symposium.

Two papers will be chosen by the scientific committee.


SBEEL/SQUALUS will award a 30-minute presentation and reimburse enrollment registration fees for two students. The scientific committee will choose one abstract submitted to each of the following symposia: "South American Chondrichthyans" and "Shark Attack and its Mitigation". Symposium may be submitted until February 28, 2018. Please specify symposium title at the time of submission.


Latin American students may also apply for a scholarship by submitting a poster or oral presentation abstract. Access the SQUALUS website for more information: http://squalus.org/index.php/encuentro-condrictios/.



- Information for Foreigners



If you are coming to Brazil for the first time, we want to help you with some important information.

Visa requirements can be found here: http://www.portalconsular.itamaraty.gov.br/vistos-para-viajar-ao-brasil



Brazil has been the site of yellow fever outbreaks in the past few years. The most recent outbreak started in December 2016 and is still ongoing.

Before leaving your country, make sure your vaccine (if you have taken it) is current, or consult a physician.

For more information, visit: https://www.passporthealthusa.com/destination-advice/brazil/.